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How We Work

Project Planning


First of all, we'll listen carefully to what you want from your website.

We'll discuss how content (text, images, etc.) will be sourced and we'll agree a realistic timescale for delivery.

Design and Build


Next, we'll work on an initial style design and submit it for your approval. If you want any changes to this, these will be made before we start building the site.


We don't normally use templates (unless there's one you particularly like), so the design of your site will be unique and unrestricted by pre-defined layouts.



When everyone is happy with the look and feel of the site, we'll push the "LIVE" button and release it to the waiting world (fanfare of trumpets optional)!



The launch is by no means the end of the story!


In order for your shiny, new site to remain interesting to visitors and relevant to search engines, you'll need to keep it refreshed with new content on a regular basis.


We offer a number of support options to help with this.

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